Taking a Brief Overview into the Taxi LED Display

by Jeff Schuh

Taxi LED display lighting are currently and widely used in taxi’s electrical units since they have their projector to project videos and different images onto a transparent medium. The medium is embedded with resonant nanoparticles that scatter the projected light. Digitalized displays are quickly replacing the old, fixed displays of the past in premier cities across the world. Bus shelters and other advertising mediums are shifted into communicative digital displays.

Features of a transparent LED display

  • There are different taxi LED displays available on the market, with screens ranging from 3.9mm to 15.6mm.
  • The transparent display screen is super light-weight, with the lightest being 4kg per transparent LED unit.
  • The modular size makes it easier to install and maintain.
  • The screens are very thin. The thinnest is 3.5mm.
  • Curved shape with 90 degrees maximum is possible.
  • They have high luminance; the brightness is more than 5000 units.
  • They also have a super high transparency rate. They are 70% to 90% transparent.

 Applications of Taxi LED display

  1. Advertising- taxi LED display screens have become more popular in advertising over the years. A recent study shows that 7 out of 10 people can recall an advertisement they saw last month on a transparent LED display.
  2. Sports- LED display has been used in sportsfor more than ten years. Usually, sports administrators prefer taxi LED display screens to erect stadium perimeter fences.
  3. Retail and hospitality– shopping windows show products on the inside as well as advertisements on the outside.
  4. Transportation- Dreamway’s taxi LED display is an effective means of communicating with travelers, especially at the airport, in real-time.
  5. Event stage- stage designers and producers, can use the LED displayto realize creative holographic-like stage visual effects.

Growth and trends in taxi LED display.

The growing demand for enhanced displays primarily drives the t-display market. Tablets, cell phones, and other devices are starting to adopt the transparent LED display technology, with a more appealing appearance and effective for augmented reality applications.

With advancements in technology, transparent LED display delivers even higher resolution visuals with even lower power consumption. The transparent LED display market is expected to register a CAGR of 7.21% during the forecast period, 2020-2025.

Why the Taxi LED Display?

The taxi LED Displays is eye-catching, given that it has an exemplary visual display.

  • With its capability to bring out about 3500 nit luminosity, the content will always look clear and vivid even when placed in direct sunlight.
  • A taxi LED display will make digital content identified clearly, whether in the shadow of a huge object or mounted in a skyscraper’s shade.

Final Thoughts

 A digitized taxi roof display will proffer some special yet unique challenges when compared to in-ground setups. Since it is placed outside in varying temperatures, it is often moving and then stopping on various curvy roadways. It also runs in a broad range of diverse lighting states throughout the day into the night. Over and above, they are firm safety acts that need to be fulfilled. But the world’s current manufacturers have conquered the challenge with the assistance of creative engineers at work.

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