Brand Xmas Packaging to Boost Holiday Sales

by Jeff Schuh

How else would it be appropriate to prepare for the Yuletide than sorting your brand Xmas packaging issues? Christmas is arguably the busiest period of the year for most businesses. 

Understanding the concept of holiday gift packaging comes with a lot of advantages to your business. In this post, you would learn the basics of unique Xmas packaging and get a few ideas alongside.


What are The Basics of Brand Xmas Packaging?

Your type of business will determine to a large extent whether you would have brand Xmas packaging or not. If you sell directly to the final consumer, you are likely to benefit from holiday gift packaging a lot.

Unique Xmas packaging is a juicy idea and entices you to jump in once you hear about it. However, it is important that you learn the basics first. Let’s take a look at some of them in this section.

Budget for your Xmas packaging

It is important that you first consider your budget. To do this, you need to provide answers to a couple of questions which include:

  1. Did you budget for your custom packaging campaign already?
  2. What did you plan to spend on each unit?
  3. Which would you choose, a minimalist or customized box design?

With a specific budget, choosing your packaging type will very easy. It will also help you to find one that suits your budgetary needs.

Type of product

Most of the time, when you see Christmas designs, they are colorful and flashy. Even though this is the norm, there are many other approaches. Why not consider Scandinavian designs or something that is minimalist yet classy?

As you think of the design of the packaging, you need to ask yourself what packaging suits your products. While some products are great in a box, others need a paper bag, and some would end up in totes. 

This will be a huge determinant as to what kind of design you can choose. If you prefer not being too extravagant with your designs this holiday, there are options for you. You may choose branded boxes that carry your business logo or simple paper bags with Christmas-colored themes.


Getting inspired

This is one of the most important steps as you decided on your brand Xmas packaging. You need to figure out where you get your inspiration. One of the ways to choose your holiday gift packaging design template is by looking at the big shots.

They have invested a lot in creating unique Xmas packaging such that once you see their packaging you know where it’s from. This is what you are gunning for and even if you cannot steal their designs, you can be inspired.

The advantage of switching on the lights on your holiday packaging is that you enjoy huge sales at this period. You can even add some special Christmas flavor to your different products. This way people know they have limited time to order these new variants and they would take advantage.

Here are a few facts to prove why you should invest in Christmas packaging:

  1. Studies show that men spend at least $550 while women just $50 while shopping for Christmas. 
  2. An average of 61% of all shoppers at Christmas prefer to purchase clothing along with the necessary accessories.
  3. 30% of all the shoppers would invest in electronics around this period.
  4. Each shopper would spend at least $100 on personal items.
  5. Overall, sales at this period of the year account for 30% of the total sales for the year.

Without further ado, we can all agree that the most fruitful business season of the year is Christmas. The good thing with brand Xmas packaging is that you don’t need to break the bank.

Holiday gift packaging doesn’t require as much money as it requires wisdom and technical know-how. This is not farfetched, we have brought you a few helpful tips. 


4 Xmas Brand Packaging Ideas

Printed boxes

There are so many materials that you can use to make your boxes. From steel to plastic to wood and cardboard, the options are endless. However, it is wise to go for the most eco-friendly options as this also influences sales.

Your best option when considering unique brand Xmas packaging is cardboard. There are so many colors, sizes, and styles to solve your packaging problems. They are perfect if you are running an e-commerce store.

Statistics show that a lot of people engage in impulse purchases during Christmas. A large chunk of this is because of the kind of packaging used by sellers. These Christmas-themed boxes do a lot to get buyers in the festive mood. This way, they begin to see what they never planned on buying and start to spend.

We should remind you at this juncture that choosing boxes will depend on what you are packaging. If you have used boxes all the while, then it is fine to use boxes. Else, stick to the kind of packaging you are used to.

Printed bags

Most physical stores make use of printed bags that customers use to convey items they buy home. This is one of the best forms of publicity for your business. Printed bags are versatile in function and the right Xmas packaging can boost your brand figures.

These bags go where you cannot so it is important that you figure out your best designs when printing. The good thing with printing bags is that it doesn’t cost a fortune, especially when printing in bulk. 

Paper bags

Here is another great option if you are running a physical shop. They are very similar to plastic bags in function and would do just as much with publicizing your brand. You must be strategic in planning these campaigns so you don’t end up on the losing end.


Ribbons aren’t a type of packaging but they will help to make your unique Xmas packaging more beautiful. Several brands make use of these items and you can too this Christmas. All you have to do is be as creative as possible.



There is so much to do when it comes to brand Xmas packaging. The options are limitless. Do you have other options regarding holiday gift packaging, share them with us in the comments section. If you have any demand for custom personalized packaging bag and box, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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