Head to Head: Honor MagicBook Pro Vs. MacBook Pro

by Jeff Schuh

Honor is a rising brand in the world of laptops. Their 2020 Honor MagicBook Pro is already drawing a lot of attention in the laptop industry and buyers worldwide. Comparing the MagicBook Pro with Apple’s MacBook Pro seems the natural thing to do. Here’s how the two laptops stack up against each other.


The MagicBook Pro comes with the all-new AMD Ryzen™ 5 4600H processor that is doing great on all tests and benchmarks. Then there is the Macbook Pro’s 6-core Core i7 processor or an 8-core Core i9 CPU, both of which are truly amazing. 

In this regard, there is no clear winner because most of their benchmarks and test results are too close, so we can’t claim which CPU is better.


Both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro come with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. If you don’t plan to do professional video editing, advanced graphic design, or professional gaming, that’s a lot of RAM. 


The MagicBook Pro features 1920 x 1080px resolution, which enables amazing viewing experience, whereas the Macbook Pro supports up to 2072 x 1920 pixels. In this regard, the Macbook Pro is the clear winner, strictly looking only at the numerical values. But then again, while doing everyday tasks such as watching movies, browsing the internet, playing games, the difference between the two screens is almost unnoticeable.


The overall opinion is that Apple didn’t pay too much attention to the design of the Macbook Pro and practically copied it from the previous model. The keyboard is practically the same, and there isn’t something special that catches the eye, from a visual perspective. This is somewhat disappointing considering how much emphasis was given to the design in the years before.

The Honor MagicBook Pro doesn’t look any better than the Macbook pro. Its aluminum body appearance can be compared to those of high-end laptops. The only thing that seems to be eye-catching is the little pop-out camera and the massive touchpad, which is slightly bigger than the industry average.


Both laptops come with 512 GB SSD, which is amazing. However, Apple wins the day in this category because the Macbook Pro can be upgraded to up to 8 TB storage, which by all accounts is phenomenal and maybe even record-breaking.


The 13-inch Macbook Pro version costs $1,449. Then there is the 16-inch Honor MagicBook Pro that costs £ 849.99. In this regard, the MagicBook Pro is nearly 40% cheaper than the MacBook Pro.


The Honor MagicBook Pro comes with a Radeon RX Vega 6 GPU, whereas the MacBook Pro uses an MD Radeon 5300M. Both graphic cards are deemed as great for “light gaming.”


When compared, both batteries can chunk out almost 12 hours of web surfing and the occasional videos.

In conclusion

It’s a fact that both laptops are great and suitable for all sorts of tasks. Even the pickiest multitaskers will find both laptops quite enjoyable in terms of performance. If we are to make the call strictly looking at the features, then the Macbook Pro wins the comparison. 

But if we think in the sense of best bang for the bucks, then the MagicBook Pro wins the day.

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