How Huawei Mobile Services is Shaping Smartphones

by Jeff Schuh

Several months ago, Huawei announced the launch of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and invited developers worldwide to be part of the new ecosystem. As a result, developers are now collaborating with Huawei to expand the ecosystem and get consumers worldwide.

Huawei browser, mobile cloud, themes, and App Gallery are available to millions of users in over 180 countries. Other services that have been rolled out recently include video, reader, and music meant to deliver quality entertainment to many users worldwide. HMS continues to grow rapidly and gains a lot of popularity, and it is a trusted enabler of all-scenario experiences. The HMS ecosystem is bound to benefit many consumers with richer, smarter, secure, and efficient experiences.

Fast Growth of HMS Apps

The truth is that Huawei is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Thus, you will find quality entertainment content and gaming content on the HMS ecosystem. For instance, its partnership with BBC introduces BBC news on Huawei Video. Users can easily access quality news videos from all over the world. In the future, users can enjoy streaming documentaries and quality TV shows from BBC Studio in various locations around the world.

With the HMS, Huawei offers rich entertainment experience to the users by partnering with leading global partners.

Huawei Music

By partnering with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group, Huawei provides an enormous library of high-quality music that you can stream. The experience is enhanced by audiokit.

Huawei Video

Recent reports indicate that Huawei is working with artists and content providers that include Rakuten, Megogo, Filmin, ZDF, and more to provide a rich experience to users from across the world.

Huawei Reader

The reader contains a lot of digital books, and it keeps expanding them with quality materials. You will find it available in different languages.

The launch of the P40 smartphone series brought about Huawei Themes. By collaborating with developers and artists from around the world, panorama themes offer a variety of forms that include a live photo. Moreover, it provides realism and immersive experience to the users with panoramic interaction to create personalized themes.

Huawei Mobile Cloud

This app supports data backup for your smartphone and other devices. For instance, you can use it to back up different types of data that include contacts, gallery data, WLAN, calendar, and more.

Multiple device sync and data restoration are also offered. This ensures that data on Huawei devices can be logged into the same Huawei ID, and it is synced in real-time. In this way, users can easily manage their data in a more secure and simpler way.

Development of Smart Technology

With the execution of artificial intelligence, Huawei offers its global partners and developers’ access to different HMS capabilities. This allows them to create apps for the platform and can be used by different Huawei devices. Many global developers are already developing their applications and launching them in App Gallery. As a result, they can deliver better app experiences to customers and fans across the world. Users can access thousands of apps through the App Gallery.

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