A Look Into Tradeview And What It Has To Offer

by Jeff Schuh

The trade market is more widespread than most people understand. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and education to become an investor or participate in the market. Platforms like Tradeview come in handy for beginners in this market as well as advanced and experienced traders. Even experienced traders cannot fully count on their experience to provide them with all the information they need to succeed and continue excelling in the industry. This post focuses on the Tradeview platform and how it assists investors.

What is Tradeview?

In simple terms, Tradeview is a strategic platform. Investors can use the platform to discover new investment ideas. They can also use it to showcase their talents to beginners depending on the platform. This is because the platform allows experienced and advanced traders to share insight and create their analyses and strategies. This information can be accessed by beginners in the market who can apply it as they wish.

How can beginners in the trade market benefit from Tradeview?

Below are some benefits of using Tradeview;

1. Access to the best charts

One of the benefits provided by Tradeview, is that it gives you access to the best charts in the trading world. These charts are especially beneficial for beginners who are not as vast in financial information and all the necessary data for making decisions in this market. However, even advanced and experienced investors would also benefit from these charts. The information available on Tradeview is conveniently summarized, saving you from dealing with lengthy reports that you would otherwise find on the internet. They are categorized into the following;

  • charts on financial data
  • charts on advanced price scaling
  • charts on interactive earnings splits and dividends
  • charts on adjusted-dividends
  • charts for data exportation
  • charts for symbol comparison

2. Access to advanced technical analysis

Another advantage of working with Tradeview is that you gain access to advanced technical analysis. The platform features multiple pre-viewed analyses with more than fifty intelligent drawing tools and several other tools that provide an in-depth market analysis. This technical analysis covers topics like;

  • popular indicators
  • candlestick pattern recognition
  • multi-framework studies
  • volume profile indicators, and several others

3. Access to a technology featuring the traders programming language

Tradeview offers Pine scrip technology. Pine script is a programming language based on the cloud that allows you to write and share technical analysis indicators. Anyone in the industry can apply this technology when creating their technology strategies. By sharing the strategy, investors can make significant indicators that would benefit the entire industry. The platform also provides you access to pricing and financial data from any symbol.

4. Access to trade alerts

The trade market is one of the most unstable and unpredictable industries inexistent. This is because the state of the market changes in matters of seconds. Therefore, if you are to excel as an investor, it would be wise to check out trade information constantly. With Tradeview, you will gain access to unmissable alerts with information on any changes in the market. This means that you can make informed decisions.


Tradeview is a great tool for beginners in the trade or stock market. The information on the platform is easy to follow and intuitive. However, you will need some education or a background in trading to grasp the content.

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