Why you might want to buy YouTube watch time

by Jeff Schuh

For many new creators, navigating the YouTube space can be quite difficult. Over 4 billion videos are being watched every single day on the platform, so it can be quite difficult convincing viewers that your videos are worth watching. The need to purchase watch time is at its all-time peak. However, this vast reach is also the reason new content creators flock to the platform every day, and why the old-timers keep looking for new ways to stay relevant.

That is why YouTube’s relatively recent 4000 hour watch time benchmark is becoming even more of a challenge for new channels to overcome. And it’s also the reason why more new creators are making the smart choice to buy YouTube watch time. Want to know why you should too? Well, let’s find out!

First, it is less time-consuming.

Doing it the usual way, it can take months or even years of planning and work to develop the kind of content that keeps people watching. That isn’t time you want to spend considering how many new YouTube channels are created every day. You need to max out your YouTube watch time and fast. By purchasing YouTube watch time, you save yourself all that time and can apply for monetization within a fraction of the time it would take you to get to 4000 hours normally. And even after you get to that milestone, you will need to aim for even more watch time, because YouTube tends to favor channels with more watch time by recommending them to new viewers.

Second, it is more cost-effective.

Creating the kind of content that YouTube favors usually requires you to spend time and money, as copyrighted content will keep you from getting monetized. So for you to rack up those views, you will need to make videos of things people are interested in, and in a way that will keep the audience hooked. You could be filming the most breath-taking scene, but if your video and sound quality are poor, it will turn viewers off. Now, you could spend money to ensure that these things are in place, and your video could still struggle to gain traction. This is because, on YouTube, views create more views. That is why spending a little in the beginning to purchase those watch hours will ensure your videos reach a larger audience later on.

Third, it helps boost your YouTube ranking.

Having people simply click on your videos does not guarantee your success on the platform. You need those people to consistently watch more and more of your videos. And YouTube wants that too. And that is why total watch time is directly linked to your ranking on the platform. More watch time, more revenue; for both you and YouTube. Everybody wins!


Lastly and most importantly, when you purchase watch time from a reputable provider, you are guaranteed real views from real people, and this ensures that your channel grows organically, and avoids raising any red flags when it is being reviewed by YouTube. Many companies are offering a quite similar service, but it would be in your best interest to pick a well-known provider to avoid any hassles over time.

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