An Introduction to Waterproof Fanny Packs

by Jeff Schuh

A fanny pack goes for many names such as waist bag and hip back. No matter your preferred name, this accessory has been around for about three decades. After many years of absence from the market, it is now making a huge comeback. It is now people for people who like spending their time outdoors. For instance, you are spending most of your time on the water; you need the right waterproof pack. That is because when you wear it, you free your hands and keep your essentials close to you.

Sometimes, it does not make sense to carry a large backpack when spending time outdoors. According to, you should get a fanny pack as it is useful, practical, and functional for various outdoor adventures. There is a need to know the different features to look for when choosing a waterproof fanny pack that suits your lifestyle.

Waterproof Fanny Pack Features

When it comes to getting a fanny pack for outdoor activities, your main focus is to get something that can protect your essentials while in water. You may be surprised to learn that you can fit many things in the waist bag. For instance, you can keep your books, wallets, camera, and phone. In fact, the list of things you can keep in the pack is nearly endless.

Therefore, when choosing a waterproof fanny pack, you must ensure it has certain qualities. For instance, it should have waterproof pockets, heavy-duty fabric, and slide seal systems. Although fanny packs are worn around the waist, you can find some with padded shoulder straps that can suit your backpack style.

With all these features, you can be assured that your fanny pack is fully waterproof. Remember that you can find some packs on the market that are water-resistant. Unfortunately, such bags cannot keep your essentials dry when you are submerged.

Uses of Waterproof Fanny Pack

You will find your waterproof fanny pack suitable for different activities, such as fishing, traveling, snorkeling, hiking, and more.


Waterproof fanny packs are ideal for keeping gear and snacks handy. When you have access to your snacks, it means you cannot be slowed down by having to get them from the backpack. The right fanny pack for hiking should be made of strong material and be larger in size to accommodate all your essentials.


The truth is that running a fanny pack is quite common. When choosing this type of pack, you want to ensure you get a lightweight pack. Thus, you should look for small-sized styles when carrying important gear.


You should note that bikers can also benefit from using a fanny pack. Remember that short bikes do not come with pockets, and carrying a backpack will be hectic. Thus, you should get a fanny pack that provides the best storage for your keys and phone.


As you know, large crowds and long days make it challenging to carry large bags. That explains why the fanny packs are ideal for people going to festivals. Ensure you get a fashionable fanny pack with vibrant patterns and colors.

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