Why should you shift from eCommerce to mCommerce?

by Jeff Schuh

The eCommerce industry is seeing rapid growth for the past few years. Consumers are in a hurry all the time. They require the freedom to buy goods anytime even when they are on the go. Therefore, more online shoppers opt for eCommerce applications for their websites. Mobile apps offer super speed, adaptability, and convenience. Top mobile apps integrate wallet kit into their apps to facilitate shopping.

The shift to eCommerce

As the app store and the android markets bloom, the number of apps is also on the rise, surpassing 4.4 million. This is super easy as you can place your orders and also pay for the products from your smartphone or tablet. The trend is gaining momentum as we step further into the twenty-first century.

Benefits of mobile apps for eCommerce

Mobile commerce is rapidly growing over the past few days. If you are looking forward to building a successful business that never stops in sales, you are in need of an app. There are many reasons as to why this investment, no matter how hard it seems to you at the moment, can be the wisest decision of your life.

Mobile apps boost customer loyalty

A mobile app is considered a copy of your website. It carries the same products and services as your website does. You have to optimize it, personalize it, and design it well to catch the attention of your customers. By attention to details, you compel a user to come again to your app. The key to success is the convenience of the process. Your customers should be able to select and buy different goods without any hassle.

  • The mobile apps can build customer loyalty because they offer a higher level of mobility to users. Customers can order a product even while traveling on a bus.
  • The second advantage of mobile apps is that they load faster than a website. By their speed, they pull in more customers to your business. Time-saving matters when you are running a business. If you take care of your customers’ time, you can build a positive outlook for your business and also win the trust of your customers.


Mobile apps allow you to do the branding of your products and business. They offer powerful means to strengthen the bonding between customers and brands. For example, it allows users to share links to your products and services with their family and friends. While you are developing the app, you can integrate into it different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

As the users share your products, they will build up your brand in society. The best thing about an app is that it provides free marketing services. You don’t have to spend anything when a user shares your products. Branding can also be done by giving away coupons and gifts. This is a great psychological tactic to convince buyers that they are saving money on buying from you. So, product branding will be at its best if you do it through a mobile application.

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