Traditional Hose vs Expandable Hose vs Coiled Hose

by Jeff Schuh

In various stages of your life, you might have used one or more of the garden hoses mentioned in the title of this article. For some, the traditional hose has been their go-to hose for watering their plants, and even washing their vehicles.

The hoses are usually longer and you might need to drag them along your driveway or garden. For others, the coiled hose is an ideal choice since they live in a smaller house with a smaller patio. Expandable hoses and hose reels might be used in the backyard to water plants in the garden. These hose reels can be gotten from You can also get your retractable hose reels from them.

Each of these hoses has its pros and cons. Your choice should be based on which garden hose is best suited for your needs. However, before buying a garden hose, you should consider the durability, the weight of the hose, and the distance from the water source to your garden.

How They Compare With Each Other

1. Hose Durability

When it comes to durability, the traditional hose is leagues ahead of the others. As long as the hose is properly used, you can expect that it will never break. While coiled hoses are also very durable, they are quite thin. The hose wall of a coiled hose is thinner than that of the traditional hose. However, it is very stiff. Over time, when coiled hoses have been exposed to heat, it is normal to discovered a hairline crack.

The expandable garden hose is the thinnest of them all and as a result, it is easy for this hose to crack or break when exposed to the sun or other harsh weather conditions. Since this hose is constantly expanding and deflating, that might contribute to the wear and tear. The best way of maintaining this hose is by keeping it away from the sun.

2. Hose Weight

When it comes to the weight of the hose, the hose that weighs the least is the expandable garden hose because it has the thinnest walls. The weight of the expandable hose is about 1/4th of the weight of the traditional hose. The coiled hose is not as heavy as the traditional hose because it is coiled and has an artificial weight. Thus, when you pull the coiled hose, it tends to recoil on its own. The traditional hose is the heaviest of them all and this can make things difficult when you have to pull it around all the corners of your garden or your car. However, the added weight is responsible for its higher durability.

3. Hose Usage

When it comes to their usage, the traditional hose can be a bit annoying as they tend to kink a lot, thus obstructing the flow of water. However, simply counter-twisting the hose might be all it takes to restore the flow of water. Most times, kinks arise when you’re pulling the hose around a corner. The expandable hose never kinks and this is one advantage it has over the others. Since it is lighter than the others, you can move it around with less stress. Coiled hoses hardly kink since their hose length is usually shorter.

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