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by Jeff Schuh

How do you like buying your hair? Sometimes it may depend on your purpose, you may be buying cheap wigs for your beauty shop purpose, maybe you are buying in bulk for retail reasons or you are buying for use. In this case, you will need to consider the pack you will be using for when you are purchasing for personal needs you may choose to order a single bundle or 3bundle. If you are ordering for business reasons you can order much buddle as possible. We will try to see what type to see how these packs are composed.

1 bundle /pack

This pack contains only one bundle that one type of hair in a pack. It will be affordable for you to order 1 bundle if you are intending for personal usage. Examples of hair available in 1 bundle from include. Ishow hair body human wave hair bundles 8-28 natural colour 1 piece Human Extension. The textures are available in Peruvian, Malaysian, Brazilian, Mongolian and Indian hair. Another hair available in one bundle is the Ishow Hair Straight Human Hair Weave Extensions. It is also available in 8-28 inches and available in Peruvian, Indian, Mongolian and Malaysia hair textures. There are other types too available access the ishow website and get to choose from the various hair in 1 bundle/pack

3 Buddles /pack

These are hair packed in 3 bundles. They are suitable for individual use. Buying in bundles saves on costs. Some of the hairs available in 3 bundles include the Ishow Hair 3 bundles virgin Brazillian Curly Human Hair Weave Deals. The bundle may come in equal inches or the inches may be different according to your order. Honey Blonde P4/27 color Brazilian Body wave Human Hair 3 bundles Omber color Human hair weave among others.

4 bundles /pack

In this pack, the hairs will be in 4 pieces. One advantage of buying hair in bundles is that they can be used for a long time without wearing out because they are natural and unprocessed. Let us take for the case of Indian Water Wave 100%Remy Human Hair bundles of hair having natural color. It is available in packs of different inches from 8- 28 inches.

3 bundles with 2×4 lace closure.

This pack is accompanied by a 2×4 lace closure. This makes it preferable by many because you end up saving on costs to purchase the closure separately. Some of the hairs in this pack include Ishow Hair Virgin Brazillian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundle with 2×4 lace closure, Brazilian straight hair weave 3 bundles with 2×4 lace closure.

4 bundle with 13×4 lace frontal closure

There are a variety of hair products in this pack. It has gained customer attention due to its accompaniment with 13×4 lace closure. You could also take that option if you love wearing weaves with frontal closure. Some of the hairs having this accompaniment include The Brazilian loose deep wave hair bundle.

Some other packs available include the following:

3 Bundle with 4×4 lace closure

4 Bundle with 4×4 lace closure

3 Bundle with 13×4 lace frontal closure

2 & 3 Bundle with 360 lace frontal closure.

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