Things to Consider Before Getting Child Watches

by Jeff Schuh

Do you still remember how old you were when you got child watches? Can you remember who gave it to you? Do you still remember the color of the brand of watch you got? Well, it’s very possible you still remember even if you can’t remember all the details about the watch. Montre enfant is often symbolic as they help kids transition into adulthood, and it helps them become better at time-telling.

Well, if you feel the need to get some cool watches for your kids, younger siblings, nieces, or nephews. Here’s all you need to consider to help you find the right timepiece for them.

4 Things to Consider

It should be at the right time

The first thing to consider should be the right age the child should be before buying a watch. Well, the right time should be when the child starts learning the concept of time, how to read clocks, and how to tell the time. One research says that kids find it easier to grasp the concept of time when they are around five years of age. However, it might take 2-3 years after that before they can fully master how to read an analog clock. Thus, a good time to give them their first timepiece should be after their fifth birthday. However, it would not be wrong to get them a watch much earlier.

Selecting between digital and analog watches

Just like automatic and manual cars, there are differences between digital and analog child watches. Besides, your child will find it easier to read a digital watch compared to the analog watch. However, just because digital watches are easier to read, doesn’t make them better for kids. Analog watches provide a valuable learning opportunity for your kids, helping them to fully grasp mathematical concepts necessary to properly tell the time. Thus, an analog watch might be the best choice to help the child learn, after which subsequent watches can be digital ones.

Considering watches with kid-friendly features

Well, you have to remember that they are still kids even though the watches might make them think otherwise. As such, you must get a watch that’s durable enough to handle their active lifestyles. For example, your priority should be in getting a water-resistant watch. This way, their watches won’t stop working if they’re exposed to water (it could be by spilling drinks, washing of hands, or running into sprinklers). Washable straps are also preferable since it’s inevitable to prevent mess. Additionally, watches with bright colors or great graphics are sure to capture their imaginations.

Selecting the perfect style

Most modern watches for kids come in a variety of beautiful colors, featuring designs with their favorite characters or animals. No one knows your child better than you do, so you should not have a hard time selecting a watch that appeals to them. You can select watches with rotating graphics or those with designs and colors you know will appeal to them. Preferably, you have to spend time with your child, letting them choose a watch that they prefer.

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