The Top Motorcycle Accessories for Your Motorcycle

by Jeff Schuh

Motorcycle accessories are special features added to a motorcycle to improve safety and maximize its function. These accessoire moto may be selected and installed by the original manufactures of the motorcycle.

They can also be included long after it has been purchased by the owner as an aftermarket good. These accessories promote your comfort while riding which is why it is necessary for every motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycle Accessories

Some popular types of motorcycle accessories include

1. Motorcycle Fairing

Amongst all the Plastic covering part of a motorcycle, the fairing is the most conspicuous part. It is normally built to blend in effortlessly with the wheel covers or engine panels.

In some cases, it is painted while in other cases, it is not. They shield the ridder from unfavorable weather conditions. They are also installed to reduce drag while in motion.

Most times, fairings are designed and installed by the manufacturing company. Each fairing is designed specifically for each motorcycle and it adds to the general aesthetics of the motorcycle.

2. Windscreen

They are also known as windshields. It can be fixed into a fairing. But for bikes without fairing, it can be attached directly. They are manufactured using acrylic plastic or polycarbonate with high impact.

The function of this accessory is to shield the wind. They direct airflow above the rider’s head or around it even though they are shorter than a rider in a sitting position. They are electrically controlled.

3. Heating

Motorcycles have very little or no control over the climate. It tends to get cold a lot in the winter and the ridder is often exposed to the wind. To manage this little downside manufacturers now offer heated seats.

Sometimes, the handgrips are heated as well and some come with cooling vents. The heat helps to caution against the effects of the cold weather on the ridder. With increased temperature, the ridder is more relaxed and comfortable

4. Sidecar

The basic function of a sidecar is to turn the motorcycle into a three-wheeled vehicle. Sidecars are not very popular and they were being seen in a few motorcycles, especially the powerful ones.

Sidecars are made from fiberglass or aluminum. One disadvantage of the sidecar is that they are not easily detachable. They strain the wheel bearings and the wheel spokes.

5. Storage

Other than the rider and the passenger, motorcycles are built to transport other items conveniently using one of these:

  • Panniers (saddlebags)

Saddlebags come in pairs although they might be used individually. They are placed on either side roughly underneath the motorcycle.

Panniers can be detached and sometimes, they come with an inbuilt lock. Some that look like suitcases ate often used to transport clothes to hotel rooms. The hard panniers are ideal for shopping.

  • Trunk

A trunk is also called a top-box. It is fitted behind the seat and is used for storing and transporting items. It serves to complement the function of the saddlebag. Some of them are detachable while some are not.

  • Luggage rack

A luggage rack is used to fasten bags or other luggage. On a motorcycle. If your motorcycle comes with a luggage rack, then you wouldn’t be needing a backpack anymore.


The primary reason for including a motorcycle accessory to your bike is to enhance function and promote performance. In addition to the above listed, other motorcycle accessories include Riding Gear,

Tools, LED-Equipped Lights, Crash Protection, Covers, and Security Systems.

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