Find out why you need a monitor stand for your desk

by Jeff Schuh
adjustable desktop stand

Are you looking to purchase a monitor stand for your desk? If you’re working with a small workstation and device, you should consider getting an adjustable monitor stand. Using a monitor stand for desk work will save you vision and back issues. In this article, we are going to look at the reasons you should consider purchasing a monitor stand mount.

1. Easy to assemble

Inside the delivery box of the adjustable monitor stand, you find less than six metal pieces and screws to put them all together. The entire assembling process should take you less than six minutes. A simple design makes it easy to assemble using only a screwdriver. In addition to the monitor mount parts, you should also check for your warranty in the package covering you for a few years.

2. Pocket-friendly price

The average price for an adjustable monitor stand ranges between twenty-five dollars thirty dollars. As compared to the price of a single-arm monitor mount, it is a much better deal. The downside to this is that you may not be able to use this stand on the larger kinds of screens.

3. Good for small spaces

Once assembled, the monitor stand leaves plenty of room to fit a small keyboard and even mouse. Some books would also go nicely in that space, along with any other stationery or aesthetic items.

4. Easily portable

An adjustable monitor mount weighs less than three pounds. This makes it extremely easy to move around. When you’re done with work, you can put away the gadget together with the laptop leaving room for other activities to utilize the space.

The ease of movement also makes it easy to clean the gadget and the surrounding surfaces. In addition to this, since the adjustable monitor stand does not need an attachment to a wall, it is perfect for people who are legally obliged to avoid nailing their rental units’ walls.

5. Strong and sturdy built

Materials that make up a monitor stand include top-grade steel and aeronautical grade aluminum. These materials make a light and strong adjustable monitor stand. The platform is made of aeronautical grade aluminum, which usually has numerous small holes on it. These small holes ensure that the monitor does not overheat by allowing air to pass through.

6. Three-part height adjuster

Unlike the standard monitor stands, some monitor stands are adjustable. You get three options to choose from; the lowest level is meant for shorter people while the higher levels are for taller users. The simple design makes it easy to use even for children. Its lightweight also makes it easy to manage.

In conclusion

You do not need to use your monitor stand for monitors only; you can use it for laptops. Remember to keep the right posture when working to reduce back and neck pain, as well as take care of your eyes. A monitor mount’s benefits include pocket-friendly prices, a sturdy built, easily portable, protects monitors and laptops from overheating, and it’s simple to set up and use. These are a few reasons why you should seriously consider purchasing a monitor stand.

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