What Factors Should One Look For While Buying A Hydraulic Press Machine?

by Jeff Schuh

The latest hydraulic press machines are fitted with modern technologies, thus ensuring efficiency and high productivity. Furthermore, the machines demand is currently on the rise due to their versatile use in different sectors of the economy. Thus, due to their growing demand, the hydraulic press suppliers ensure that they keep innovating and improving the machines, thus ensuring efficiency. Therefore, if you want to purchase a hydraulic press machine, there are several factors that you should consider. Below are six factors to consider while buying a hydraulic press machine.

Six factors to consider while purchasing a hydraulic press machine

1. What you intend to use the machine for

There are several types of hydraulic press in the market. Thus, it is essential to consider the functions of the machine. The machine’s functions should complement your machining needs and production line. Furthermore, ensuring the machine functions match your needs will save you the time and money you would otherwise have to customize a standardized press.

2. Tonnage

The tonnage you need for your work is an essential aspect to consider. Thus, prior to making any purchase, it is crucial to consider the maximum tonnage you will need for a specific job. A primary point to note is that the required tonnage to compress materials depends on three aspects, that is, the material strength, shear strength, and perimeter of the punch,

3. Future maintenance costs and machine quality

A key factor to consider is the hydraulic press machine’s future upgrade and maintenance cost. Before investing in a hydraulic press, it is crucial to consider whether the device is quality and durable enough to have minimal breakdowns in the future. Purchasing a poor-quality machine can ensure that your future maintenance cost is enormous; they may even surpass the costs of purchase; thus, before you make any purchase ensure to consider the durability and quality of the machine.

4. Press type

There are various hydraulic presses available. Each press has its functions, and you can also find others that can perform several tasks. Thus, it is crucial to consider the press type that suits your needs best before purchasing. In addition, the most commonly used presses are the H-frame presses and the C-frame presses.

5. The hydraulic press accessories

Before you purchase, it is essential to note that you will require accessories for the hydraulic press. The hydraulic press accessories include; sliding beds, touch screen controls, electric safety cushions, and die cushions. Thus, it is crucial to inquire whether the accessories are readily available at how much they cost.

6. Tooling style

The latest hydraulic presses have standard features like automatic cycling, light curtains, distance reversal limit switches, and dwell timers. Furthermore, other machines have additional controls that help increase productivity. In addition, the tooling style you choose should complement your press style. Thus, before you make a purchase, ensure that the press type and tooling type match.


Careful considerations should be applied while selecting a hydraulic press machine. Thus, while shopping for the machine, it is crucial to list your needs and the machine specifications you need. The list will ensure that you do not get confused about what to get while in the market.

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