The Most Profitable Items to Ship from China to India

by Jeff Schuh

For any entrepreneur who wants to increase income in India, three things should be at the fingertips- working with a courier to China from India, the most profitable items, and the most affordable ones to import from China. In this blog post, you will gain access to some of the best links to those items. Garner additional tips on the best ways to import your items too.


Every business person needs to explore the impending strategies available to assist businesses grow and generate profits. But this dream can only be actualized by a few people because more entrepreneurs are focusing on elements that do not matter.

Cheap Niche for Importation

Every part of the world is recognized for its products. It could be because of their quality, pricing, technology used for production, or performance in the market when it comes to the sales made or quantity of production.

Affordable Chinese products have certainly made China rattle its feathers with several economic giants such as the USA and Japan.

Some of the prominent merchants are rushing to China because of the magnanimous profits gained from the cheaply manufactured products. But, there are main niche products that you should always store in your outlet.  

Consumer electronics

China’s consumer electronics have often been traded across different continents now more than ever. The progressive application of smartphones and game consoles, among others, position China at the top of the list of best economies.


The shoe niche will generate more revenue because they are mostly admired by many people for their designs and technology used to make them. According to Statista, a prominent research company in the world, the total segment of the footwear market across the world is approximately $54,000m.

Beauty and Makeup Accessories

The most sought after makeup brands such as Pechoin and Herborist are manufactured in China. Over and above, there is a continuous high demand for the same products that are found in the oral care and grooming sector. This makes sin care one of the most profitable products to ship from China since it has a viable market value of about $20 billion, in research conducted by Statista.

a. Jewellery  

Are you looking for affordable wholesale luxury jewelry for resale? Well, China is one of your best options. The yearly sale for jewelry is currently predicted to grow to about 6 percent in 2020. Over and above, the world’s largest luxury jewelry market produced in China amounts to about $18,000. The import sector of jewelry can go for as low as $3 and resale at three times the original price.  

Final Thoughts

Apart from the above, the overall niche products supposed to boost your sales, here are some of the most profitable products you should venture into when looking for a business idea in the Chinese market. Avoid dead stock as well as products with a small profit margin. That way, you can have a huge return on investment. At the same time, you should focus on bringing home products with relatively high demand.

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