The Best Fulfillment Service Provider For Fragile Products

by Jeff Schuh

If you are in the business of fragile items, choosing an order fulfillment provider for your business can be quite risky. There is a need for you to be sure that your fulfillment service provider will be careful enough to handle your products with the utmost care until it reaches your customers intact. There are many order fulfillment providers to choose from. However, you cannot just pick one by trial and error because it might cost your business so much. The solution is to use reputable order fulfillment providers like NextSmartShip.

NextSmartShip is one of the leading e-commerce logistics providers with an excellent global reputation. We offer the best Third-party Logistics solution you can find in the e-commerce sphere today. Apart from our highly competitive prices, we make superior service delivery our watchword. Our business reputation has been built over the years on the testimonials of our happy client base.

To cater for the logistics needs of businesses that sell fragile items, we have the following measures in place.

Effective Item Inspection

As soon as suppliers and manufacturers deliver our clients products to any of our warehouses, we have an efficient system of taking inventory and inspection. We give immediate reports to clients on the state of the items received. The total numbers of complete sets, incomplete sets, wholesome and defective items are stated clearly. This helps our clients to easily evaluate how we handle their goods. We also give reports on items that were returned by customers as a result of receiving them in a defective state. We use these reports to improve in our packaging methods which is currently in line with industry best practices.

Global Warehouses

Having multiple houses in strategic locations makes transportation of fragile goods more efficient and reduces the risk of damage on transit. NextSmartShip has about 5 different warehouse locations that are strategically located to facilitate the fast delivery of products worldwide.

Professional Packaging Process

Our packaging processes are tailored to suit both sturdy and fragile items. You can trust that our high-quality packaging materials will help reduce the risk of damage to your fragile items. We handle the packaging of fragile items separately and with great care.

Special Shipping Status

Rather than log jam fragile items with the sturdier ones after packaging, we use certain methods to separate the fragile pieces of stuff from the sturdier ones. Since our shipping companies are already aware of this arrangement, they handle all our items tagged as fragile with the utmost care.


One of the best assurances a logistics company can give to guarantee its clients on the handling of fragile items is the company’s insurance certificate. NextSmartShip guarantees that the safety of fragile items entrusted to it for safe shipping. Should any mishap befall any of our clients’ fragile items, we have arrangements that can help us settle with our clients without wasting time at all.

Whether you are selling artifacts, glass materials, or other fragile stuff, NextSmartShip is the best fulfillment service provider that will put your mind at ease.

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