Forms Of CNC Machined Parts And Why CNC Machining Is Applied

by Jeff Schuh

The industry of CNC machining China is broad. There is a wide range of companies in China providing a wide range of CNC machining services. A lot of companies outsource their CNC machining services to China because of the affordability of the services. Chinese CNC machining companies are also highly experienced. They have worked with hundreds of companies, hence have acquired a lot of experience in this sector. Therefore, you can trust these companies to provide the best services and use top-notch equipment. In this writeup, we discuss CNC machined parts. 

Types of CNC machined parts

CNC machining can be applied in a wide range of parts. Below are some popular CNC machined parts:

1. Complex surface parts

CNC machining is used to manufacture complex surface parts in the aviation, design, and transportation industry. Here, parts like cam, integral impeller of aviation, propeller, and die cavity. These parts consist of complex curves and curvy surface outlines. These elements cannot be achieved using ordinary manufacturing techniques. For this reason, CNC machining is applied. CNC machining offers a high level of processing accuracy. This is done using precision casting. The use of multi-axis CNC machining machines also helps with precision and manufacturing accuracy.

Additionally, the automatic programming technology used in CNC machining helps significantly improve the production efficiency and complexity of complex surface parts.

2. Special-shaped parts

The term “special-shaped parts” refers to parts with irregular shapes. These parts require multiple stations and mixed processing points. They also feature mixed processing lines and surfaces. Examples of such materials are brackets, base, and die relief. When manufacturing materials with unique shapes, higher precision is required. This is where CNC machining comes in. In CNC machining, technology and multiple axes are used to ensure higher accuracy. Several other types of manufacturing techniques cannot achieve this level of accuracy.

3. Parts with complex structures

Various industries like the robotic, automobile, and aircraft, to name a few, is where parts with complex structures are applied. These are parts with higher degree requirements, large size, and intricacies. Most manufacturing techniques would take a lot of time and effort to achieve the complexity of these structures.

However, in CNC machining, more than 70 percent of the manufacturing process for complex structures can be completed by a single clamp. However, this highly depends on the type of CNC machining service applied. CNC machining services with high processing efficiency, proper stiffness, and automatic tool changing capabilities are always a better option for making parts with complex structures.

4. Prototype parts

Prototypes are draft parts used in the trial production phase for new products. CNC machining is used for making prototypes because it is a fast technique. CNC machining techniques can be applied in rapid prototyping. In CNC machining, when the CAD models are designed, the details are stored in the software. This makes it easy to make changes to the design after the trial phase and produce another prototype, as is the case in rapid prototyping.


CNC machining is highly applicable in a wide range of industries. Whether it is complex structured, large, or intricate parts, you can count on CNC machining producing high-quality outcomes.

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