All To Know About These Incredible HONOR Phones

by Jeff Schuh

Black Friday 2020 looks like it will be the best black Friday the tech industry is yet to have. Everyone has been frustrated in one way or another since the pandemic hit, but no need to fret; our honor black Friday is sure to lift your spirits. We have the best phone deals for this year’s grand sales, and this article will give you information to help choose the best phone for you.

1. Honor 9C

The Honor 9c is a unique blend of functionality and elegance. The device features a 48MP Triple Camera that captures high-resolution images even in the lowest light. Honor 9C has three back cameras; one primary central 48MP high-res camera, a depth assist camera, and a Super Wide-Angle camera. All cameras are AI-powered for optimum shutter speed, perfect lighting effects, and excellent scene recognition.

A 4000mAh battery guarantees you a full day of usage. You can get 50 hours of use with back to back calls and almost nine hours of triple-A gaming. The Honor 9C phone display is integrated with blue light filter technology protecting your eyes from screen glare. The sleek design, excellent camera, and full view display show plenty of reasons why you should buy this nifty gadget.

2. Honor 9A

Honor 9A screen display has a screen to body ratio of 88.4%. It features blue light protection and immensely vivid screen resolution. That’s not all; this smartphone has impressive speaker sounds reaching up to 88db. We believe that great music should get shared, and that’s why this phone features a party mode.

The phone comes in three iconic colors; black, ice green, and phantom blue. The biometric fingerprint and facial unlock are exciting features that allow you to use your fingerprint or face to unlock your phone. You do not have to be in a well-lit place to do the facial unlock. If you are looking for a phone that can help you control your screen time, then this is the phone for you. Huawei 9A allows you to limit the amount of time you spend on specific apps and set rest times, nifty, we know.

3. Honor 9X pro

The most exciting feature of the Honor 9X pro is the liquid cooling system that quickly dispels heat, making for a high-performance gaming phone. A 4000 mAh long-lasting battery doesn’t disappoint either, lasting up to nine hours on continuous gaming.

With 75% faster core action thanks to the Kirin 810 chipset, you can say goodbye to lagging. The GPU turbo paired with 6GB RAM incredibly adds to the phone’s capacity to run any game without any glitches. The Super Night Mode works to take bright and clear photos, even in the darkest places.

In conclusion

The Honor 9C, 9A, and 9X Pro feature some of the latest technology in function, display, and camera resolution. Black Friday 2020 sounds like the best time to treat yourself to these beautiful devices. After the tough year you’ve had, you deserve it. There are more Honor devices to choose from, be sure to check them out for these and many more crazy deals and excellent phones.

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