Why is Flexographic Printing Popular in the Food Sector?

by Jeff Schuh

Flexographic printing is widely used in different industries. It has found a lot of applications in the consumer market. For instance, it is now used in the food industry where it plays a critical role. The truth is that packaging companies utilize flexo printing to meet their needs. The main reason it is used in this industry is to help boost graphic communications and increase sales. You should stick here when it comes to buying flexo printers. This technology is now shaping the food industry for good reasons.

Studies have shown that suppliers are interested in flexible packaging. That is because there is a huge demand for food packaging, particularly in new markets. In this case, flexography is a cost-effective solution for meeting this demand.

Benefits of Flexographic Printing in the Food Industry


The good thing about flexo printing is that it helps keep the costs of packaging low. That is the case when shipping huge volumes. That is because the process utilizes quick-drying inks, hence quick turnaround. As a result, you can save a lot of money at the production stage. Thus, you can offer your customers competitive prices without diminishing your profits.

Meet Huge Market Demand

In this era, the demand for the consumer market keeps changing. That is because customers want well-packaged foods at grocery stores. Therefore, there is a need for the food industry to meet this demand by enhancing its lead time, print quality, and production period. Food companies that utilize flexographic printing gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Low Production Costs

If you have been in the food industry, then you know how packaging can eat into your profits. That explains why many food brands are shifting into flexo printing to produce cost-effective and efficient goods. Due to its versatile nature and ability to use any ink, you can print on a variety of materials. Moreover, flexographic inks and packaging supplies are readily available at a lower price than other printing techniques. Thus, your business can save a lot of money and achieve ROI quickly.

Sustainable Packaging

Due to global advocacy and environmental concerns, many businesses are now shifting towards reducing waste. That explains why eco-conscious and sustainable brands gain adequate support. Flexo printing makes it possible for businesses to embrace sustainable options by using materials and inks. For instance, you can use water-based products and recycled ink. With flexography, you can produce packaging products that contain fewer toxins and solvents.

Boosts Production

Many businesses in the food industry use flexo printing to achieve a quick lead time and boost their production. That is because the flexographic technology is user-friendly and allows for automation of other processes, such as sheeting, die-cutting, and lamination. Moreover, manufacturers can use software applications to speed up and streamline the production process.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The good thing about flexographic printing is that it helps you to attain graphic clarity and stunning colors. This makes the product quite attractive to shoppers. Also, with technological advancements, flexible printing provides high-quality colors. The printed packages can boost your marketing efforts as they become part of your brand.

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