What makes the carbon filled PTFE polymer special?

by Jeff Schuh

In the production industry, manufacturers are always on the lookout for materials with desirable properties. These materials give their products much-needed toughness and durability on the long haul. One such material is the chemical compounds called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE is a synthetic polymer that’s used in various industries due to its excellent properties.

The polymer is even more enhanced by the addition of carbon fibers in specific percentages. 25% carbon filled PTFE is developed by combining a mixture of virgin PTFE with carbon fibers. As you would imagine, the result is usually extraordinary. Various industries have adopted this material in the production of their products. This article highlights some of the properties of carbon filled PTFE sheets.

Excellent Chemical stability: Chemical stability of a material refers to its tendency to resist changes that are influenced by certain elements. These changes can be as a result of internal reactions or other factors like temperature and heat. This property is particularly suitable for producing items that are likely to be exposed to these agents of change.

Excellent thermal conductivity: This refers to the rate at which a material can conduct heat. Carbon filled PTFE is used in making products like rings where there’s a great need for heat transfer.

Enhanced compression and wear resistance: Wear and tear in items is often as a result of friction. Such wear and tear eventually damage the quality of the product if care isn’t taken. PTFE sheets are used to control such damages due to its wear resistance.

Excellent performance even in damp conditions: It’s no gainsaying that not all materials are suitable for use in wet conditions. PTFE carbon-filled sheets have properties that make them perform well, even in such circumstances.

Corrosion resistance: One common issue with most items produced using certain metals is the need to coat such items because of corrosion. Corrosion shortens the lifespan of such items in a way that they become unusable after a while. One of the many desirable properties PTFE carbon sheets is the fact that it’s resistant to corrosion.

Non-stick coating: You must have noticed that most of the materials used in the coat have an element of stickiness. This stickiness means such materials are likely to retain residues that eventually develop into a playground for microbes. This particular property has seen the use of carbon-filled PTFE soar in many fabrication firms.

It reduces energy consumption: Companies are always careful not to acquire equipment that will consume much energy. However, when the machine has to overcome a certain level of friction to function well, much energy is consumed. The simple fact that PTFE compounds resist friction and wear means that machines that are fabricated with this material consume less energy.

Final Thoughts

Carbon filled PTFE is popular for its desirable properties in the production of various items. Some of the properties for which it has become widely accepted are highlighted in this article.

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