What you need to know about MT Ferrules

by Jeff Schuh
MT Ferrule

MT ferrules were developed several years ago and are widely used around the world. It is a plastic, multi-fiber ferrule that is widely used in AOC connectors and MPO connectors. The most common ones are 12 and 24-fiber MT ferrules.

This is a guide, so each term will be explained in detail.

You may be wondering what MT is. MT means mechanical transfer. A ferrule means an object (or a number of objects, thereof) that can be used to join, seal, fasten, and reinforce. The term “ferrule” is a combination of the Latin word ‘ferrum’ which means iron, and ‘viriola’ which means small bracelet.

Therefore, a ferrule is a narrow circular ring often made from metal, and less commonly, plastic. If you work in a telecommunications or data network industry, ferrules aren’t new to you. But if you don’t, and have probably heard words like grommets or eyelets in the manufacturing industry, they are simply referring to ferrules.

Ferrules are often used to protect all or parts of cables from environmental damages, elements, thermal factors, and electromagnetic pulses. It is also used to cover parts to avoid damage and add resistance. It can also be used as a connector to connect structural devices and wires.

Ferrules are also used to bind parts together. These parts include cloth threads, a bundle of wires, etc.

MT Ferrules

MT ferrules are made from multi-core polyphenylene sulfide. It is aligned in such a way that two stainless steel guide pins fit perfectly into the alignment holes. These ferrules are used in multiple optical connectors like MPO connectors and QSFP+ transceivers. They are also appropriate for active or passive fiber coupling designs.

Data centers and telecom companies understand the importance of MT ferules in their line of work. This is why it’s very important to get high-quality ferrules from reputable companies.

This is what FSG aims to achieve.

FSG is one of the world’s leading MPO experts and MT ferrules manufacturer. They are one of the most reputable and respectable companies, and a lot of data networks and telecom companies trust their judgment. Their quality of products and services has always been top-notch.

They have never disappointed their customers with the quality of their work, and they aren’t about to start any time soon.

The MT ferrules that FSG produces are highly stable and made from polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) that allows fiber tips to be protruded. The polishing time and force are reduced as well, which causes high-grade end-face geometry.

FSG produces ferrules from 2, 4, 8, 12, to 24 cores. However, 12 and 24-fiber MT ferrule are popularly used. FSG secures fiber to these ferrules through an optical connector.

MT Ferrules are important components in high-density fiber components and assembled in optical transceivers and modules. FSG has also produced MT ferrules in recent years that can be used in HDMI 2.1 cables.

Different parameters are noted carefully during production- hole diameter, type, eccentricity, guide pinhole diameter, fiber mode, insertion loss, and return loss.

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