Factors to consider when buying pressure washer hose reel

by Jeff Schuh

There is so much that a pressure washer can do for you today. The best part about this is that its use even extends to the home. These are legitimate reasons for you to want to buy a pressure washer. Of course, buying a pressure washer will means also buying a hose reel.

For us, getting retractable pressure washer hose reels is simply the best option. However, that is not all you need to consider when buying the best pressure washer hose reel.

This article will provide you with a checklist of things you need to consider first.

Factors to consider when getting a pressure washer hose reel

1. What are you using the pressure washer for?

First, you have to consider what you intend to use the pressure washer. As earlier stated, there is now so much that a pressure washer can do. However, narrowing them your choice will also allow you to narrow your options down to the best pressure washer hose reel.

That hose reel might be specific for the several tasks that will take place around the pressure washer.

2. What type of hose reel would you want?

You should also ask yourself the type of hose reel you want. The good part about hose reels is the versatility that now exists. You have the choice to choose between a mounted hose reel and one that is retractable.

Sometimes, you can even get both options in the same hose reel. Knowing what type of hose reel you want will greatly fasten the process.

3. Who produced this hose reel?

There is nothing more annoying than buying a product that ends up getting spoilt right so early. Most times, the problem could be a lack of research.

If you plan to do research on your pressure washer hose reel, then the first place to start will definitely be with the manufacturer.

The manufacturer that makes the hose reel is really the only one who can guarantee how long it is going to last. If you have gotten a pressure washer hose reel from a new producer, then you have taken a risk.

4. The price of the hose reel

To get a good pressure washer hose reel, everything must be balanced. This also applies when it comes to the price of the product.

You have to make sure you get a price that suits you just right with your budget. Not doing so can quickly drain your pockets and leave you gasping for air.

It’s simply not what you want. So, take the time out to compare a lot of prices before settling for a product. Also, make sure you do a lot of negotiation. However, this might not be possible on an online store.


Buying a hose reel for your pressure washer is a big deal. Get it right and things become so much easier for you. Get it wrong and you will have wasted a lot of time and resources on the wrong product.

So, consider these questions above when buying a hose reel.

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